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Recent Trading Announcements

BitMEX Product List Update
2017-12-13 08:53:47

Quarterly Bitcoin / USD Futures Contracts

The following quarterly contracts will be listed on or before 15 December 2017 12:00 UTC:

  • BitMEX Bitcoin / USD 30 March 2018 futures contract, XBTH18

We will add the BitMEX Bitcoin / USD 29 June 2018 futures contract, XBTM18, in the near future.

Quarterly Bitcoin / JPY Futures Contracts

No new Bitcoin / JPY quarterly contract will be listed after the BitMEX Bitcoin / JPY 29 December 2017 futures contract, XBJZ17, expires. We will add a Bitcoin / JPY perpetual swap in the near future.

Quarterly Altcoin Futures Contracts

The following quarterly contracts will be listed on or before 15 December 2017 12:00 UTC:

  • BitMEX Ether / Bitcoin 30 March 2018 futures contract, ETHH18
  • BitMEX Dash / Bitcoin 30 March 2018 futures contract, DASHH18
  • BitMEX Litecoin / Bitcoin 30 March 2018 futures contract, LTCH18
  • BitMEX Monero / Bitcoin 30 March 2018 futures contract, XMRH18
  • BitMEX Ripple / Bitcoin 30 March 2018 futures contract, XRPH18
  • BitMEX Zcash / Bitcoin 30 March 2018 futures contract, ZECH18

Please note the fee structure for all altcoin futures contracts will change to maker / taker, -0.05% / +0.25%.

Order Placement Limits
2017-12-9 14:22:44

Starting December 11th, 2017 at 12:00 UTC, the following limits will be applied:

(1) Maximum 200 open orders per contract per account;
(2) Maximum 10 stop orders per contract per account;
(3) Maximum 10 contingent orders per contract per account.

When placing a new order that causes these caps to be exceeded, it will be rejected with the message “Too many [open|stop|contingent] orders”.

These caps are designed to improve the overall trading experience on BitMEX and will be reviewed and updated periodically.

Update to System Overload Policy
2017-12-3 23:17:50

BitMEX is experiencing record-breaking load at this time due to recent Bitcoin price movements. Our engine team is working full-time to improve performance, delivering a 20% performance improvement on Friday and with more to come. Above all, BitMEX is committed to correctness in its trading engine and to real-time correctness auditing. BitMEX positions and orders are always internally consistent from open to close.

Unfortunately, when load spikes, we cannot service every incoming request while maintaining acceptable response times. In early November, we implemented a cap on the maximum number of requests that can enter the engine queue, after which new requests are rejected until the queue has shrunk. Many of you have experienced this as the “System Overload” message (also known as “Load Shedding”).

For the benefit of our traders, the following request types are no longer subject to rejection during overload:

  • Adding/removing margin from a position or adjusting leverage.
  • Canceling an order.
  • Market or Limit Close of a position, when using the Close buttons on the Position table.
    • For API users, this corresponds to use of the “Close” execInst.

New orders and order amends are still subject to rejection on overload. We will keep you updated as we improve the situation.


Completed Maintenance: November 30, 3:30 UTC
2017-11-30 02:48:37

Maintenance is complete.

We have successfully tested a new hardware configuration for our trading engine. We will be taking down the engine at 3:30 UTC (in one hour) for about 15 minutes to do the switchover. After completion, we will tweet and initiate a 3-minute cancel-only period.

Orders left open over maintenance will remain open, as will positions. If this concerns you, please cancel your orders and/or close your positions before the maintenance interval.

Any trigger orders (such as stops) will *not* activate during this period. Once trading restarts, if the price at that time would trigger your order, it will trigger then.

Bitcoin Cash Futures Now Live
2017-11-15 07:42:31

We are pleased to announce that the BitMEX 24 November 2017 Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin futures contract is now live.​

  • Symbol: BCHX17
  • Expiry Date: 24 November 2017 12:00 UTC
  • Contract Value: 1 BCH
  • Underlying: Poloniex Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin exchange rate
  • Leverage: 20x

​BitMEX Bitcoin Cash Holdings

On or before 31 December 2017:​

  • The amount of Bitcoin Cash a user is entitled to is determined by their Margin Balance at 1 August 2017 13:17 UTC, a few seconds after block 478,588.
  • Users will not receive Bitcoin Cash, rather BitMEX will sell all users’ Bitcoin Cash, and credit their wallet with the Bitcoin proceeds.

BitMEX Future Hard Fork Policy

BitMEX does not agree with contentious hard forks, and does not accept the manner in which Bitcoin Cash was forked, or the lack of preparation or notice before the fork; we consider this a dangerous action that imposes unacceptable costs on end-users and businesses. Please read our Policy on Bitcoin Hard Forks for acceptable hard-fork criteria.

However, months after the fork, it is clear this coin still has value and popular demand, so we have decided to credit Bitcoin at the prevailing Bitcoin Cash price. Do not expect future coins to be credited in this way. BitMEX reserves the right to credit forks or not – in the presence of doubt, always withdraw first.