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Recent Trading Announcements

Important Deposit Notice
2017-7-22 23:35:20

Starting 24 blocks before BIP91 activation (in 3 hours, or about 02:30 UTC), deposits will require 6 confirmations before being credited to your BitMEX account.

This change is for the safety of the exchange and will be reverted as soon as we are satisfied that there is no longer danger of a blockchain reorganization.

Policy on BIP91, BIP148, and a Potential Chain Split
2017-7-20 20:19:04

Please view BitMEX’s official statement on actions regarding pending changes to the Bitcoin protocol.

As BIP91 has locked in (🚀), we intend to increase deposit confirmation times to 6 blocks to guard against the possibility of a blockchain reorganization. This will begin 4 hours (24 blocks) before BIP91 will activate.

Pending Database Maintenance
2017-7-19 02:59:19

Tomorrow, July 19 at 13:30 UTC (30 minutes after withdrawals), we will briefly enter the site into maintenance mode for a minor database upgrade. We expect this maintenance to last 15 minutes, after which we will re-enter the site into suspended state for 5 minutes before trading resumes.

All information will be posted as it happens to our Twitter.

Notice of API Ratelimit Upgrade
2017-7-11 23:10:16

Tomorrow (July 13) at 14:00 UTC, we will be launching a minor update to the BitMEX API ratelimiter.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • This change should be non-breaking.
  • Effective ratelimits are being raised across the board.
  • Request “tokens” now refill continuously, rather than all at once every 5 minutes.
    • For example, if you make 10 requests in 5 seconds, your resulting limit will be (300 – 10 + 5) = 295.

View the API Documentation for more information.

Trading Will Resume At 03:45 UTC
2017-7-6 03:15:24

At 6 July 2017 03:45 UTC continuous trading will resume. Until that time, traders may only cancel open orders. No liquidations will occur until continuous trading has resumed.