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Recent Trading Announcements

BitMEX News & Changelog: October 14, 2017
2017-10-14 23:11:54

We’ve published a new changelog for this month. Highlights include beta Russian translation, performance improvements, bugfixes & news.

Rate Limiting on WebSocket Connections
2017-10-2 14:57:12

After 12:00 UTC on Tuesday, October 3, BitMEX will begin rate-limiting incoming WebSocket connections (as in, opening the socket itself) at a burst rate of 20 connections per hour.

We do not expect this to affect normal users, as our recent (July 8) migration to a Token Bucket rate limiter effectively doubled available capacity for all users.

Additionally, the ability to authenticate to the WebSocket using email and password has been removed due to abuse, and the command cancelAllAfter, when invoked via websocket, is now properly ratelimited.

Scheduled Maintenance Completed
2017-9-29 14:28:12

Thank you for your patience. We are now successfully running on new trading engine hardware with 4x the capacity. While we do not expect a 4x speedup immediately, this gives our engine team headroom for planned capacity improvements.

Scheduled Maintenance: Friday, September 29, 14:00 UTC
2017-9-28 15:05:38

We will be taking down the trading engine tomorrow, September 29 at 14:00 UTC (1 hour after withdrawals) for a capacity upgrade. We expect the upgrade to take roughly 15 minutes. We will be in contact via our Twitter account to deliver status updates. When the system comes online, we will have a 5-minute order cancellation period before resumption of trading.

Update Regarding QTUMU17 Settlement
2017-9-25 09:03:16

The BitMEX QTUM / Bitcoin 29 September 2017 Futures Contract, QTUMU17, will expire on the .QTUMXBT30M Index. The index will use the Bittrex QTUM/XBT price.

Effective 26 September 2017 12:00 UTC, QTUMU17 will use Fair Price Marking and the + / – 25% Limit Up / Down will be removed.