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Recent Trading Announcements

Frontend Update: May 23, 2017
5/23/2017, 5:09:51 PM

There are a bunch of new features launching today. Let’s get right into it:

  • Time In Force: We now support the following Time In Force (TIF) options on any Limit Orders:
    • GoodTillCancel – This is the default TIF, meaning the order is open until filled or canceled.
    • ImmediateOrCancel – When this is active, the order will execute as much quantity as possible upon placement, then cancel.
    • FillOrKill – Like IOC, but must fill the entire quantity. If it is unable to immediately fill its entire quantity, it will reject instead.
  • Funding Cost: On the XBTUSD Swap, we now show an indication of what your next funding cost/rebate would be.
  • Advanced Order Option Indicators: When using advanced features like Time In Force, Hidden, Post-Only and the like, the options will now highlight in red so that you notice them. This should help with accidental hidden or post-only orders.
  • Improved Indicative Unrealised PNL: On the active contract, we now work the order up the book to give you a better indication of what your close PNL would be with a market order. Hover on your Unrealised PNL to view.
    • The typical caveats apply: liquidity may change between the generation of this number and the execution of your Close order.
    • We show a coarser indicative PNL for the inactive contract, as the browser only downloads orderbooks for the active contract.
  • Improved Average Entry Price: On contracts like the XBT series, where the product has a different tick size than the index (e.g. 0.10 vs 0.01), we now show an average entry price rounded to the more precise size.
  • Amend Stops on Chart: Stop orders now show on the chart, and their triggering prices can now be amended on the chart by dragging.
  • Confirmation Dialog for Stop Price: If you set a stop price such that it would immediately trigger, either in the orders list or via the chart, you will now be prompted for confirmation. No more accidentally-triggered stops!
  • Install to Homescreen: On Android, after a few visits, BitMEX will offer to install itself as a shortcut to your homescreen. This will load a cached version of the mobile site in fullscreen.
  • Updated Login Notifications: Login emails now include the browser & country that BitMEX was accessed from.
  • Performance Improvements and Bugfixes: This release contains nearly a dozen commits focused on edge-case bugfixes, data-saving, and performance. We intend to especially focus on mobile users in the future, with a native app coming soon. In the meantime, we’re making BitMEX faster and leaner so it’s usable on more devices.
    • Bugfix (Frontend): We fixed an issue where stale orders would sometimes remain in the list after a connection outage.
    • Bugfix (Frontend): We fixed a bug where the site would reach an inconsistent state if you attempted to view an expired or missing contract.
    • Bugfix (API): There were occasions where the realtime feeds would emit insert, update, or delete before a partial came through. This has been fixed.
Frontend Update: May 16, 2017
5/16/2017, 2:09:44 PM

This month, we’ve added a few new features to the UI:

  • Animations now flash green and red to indicate if a number is increasing or decreasing! This helps you keep tabs on your position, the orderbook, and so on.


  • Your Unrealised PNL can now be hovered upon, which will give you an idea of your PNL if you were to exit at market.
    • At this time, the calculation simply assumes a full exit at the best bid/offer. In future revisions, we will run a full book calculation taking into account current liquidity and your position size.
    • Even when the updated version hits, keep in mind that there is no guarantee present liquidity will hold by the time an order gets to the engine.
  • We’ve made minor visual changes, including improvements to mobile rendering and speed.
  • Our integration with Sierra Chart is complete! If you are interested in using Sierra Chart with BitMEX, start here.
  • It’s now possible to place sell orders above a limit up price and buy orders below a limit down. This comes particularly in handy on pre-release contracts, like GNO before it traded on Poloniex. We have more such contracts in the works.

As always, contact us in the trollbox or at support@bitmex.com if you have any problems or feature requests!

Notice Regarding Gnosis Futures Contracts
4/30/2017, 11:34:45 PM

The following will be effective 2 May 2017 12:00 UTC:

  • The .GNOXBT Index will use the most liquid GNO/XBT spot exchange’s price. At this moment, it appears that the most liquid exchange will be Poloniex.
  • GNOM17 will switch from Last Price to Fair Price Marking. Please read Fair Price Marking for more details on how this will affect trading.
  • The Limit Up / Down restrictions will be removed.
Altcoin Quarterly Futures Contracts Now Live
4/27/2017, 6:57:51 AM

The following contracts are now available for trading:

  • ETHM17
  • FCTM17
  • DASHM17
  • LTCM17
  • XMRM17
  • XRPM17


Altcoin Quarterly Futures Contracts
4/26/2017, 6:10:15 AM

On 27 April 2017 07:00 UTC the following quarterly Altcoin futures contracts will list:

  • ETHM17
  • FCTM17
  • DASHM17
  • LTCM17
  • XMRM17
  • XRPM17

The following weekly and monthly Altcoin futures contracts will not re-list when they expire on 28 April 2017 12:00 UTC.

  • ETHJ17
  • FCT7D
  • DASHJ17
  • LTC7D
  • XMRJ17
  • XRP7D