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Recent Trading Announcements

Frontend Update: Feb 13, 2017
2/13/2017, 9:50:44 AM

We have a minor update this week:

  • We’ve standardized and reworked some of the margins across the site. You may notice that panels look very slightly different now. You may have to resize your custom layout as a result.
  • The orderbook panel is now expandable! You can view as many (or as few) rows as you like:
  • We’ve made more performance improvements to the site. Please let us know if you still are seeing slow tabs or high latency on internal actions; if you know how to use the Chrome debugger, a zipped timeline sent to support@bitmex.com will help us diagnose any individual performance issues.
  • We fixed a bug where amending an order of one instrument while another instrument was active would generate an incorrect warning.
Scheduled Downtime: Sunday, February 12, 14:00 UTC
2/8/2017, 8:16:42 AM

Trading will be halted and all BitMEX servers will be offline for a short maintenance interval on Sunday, February 12 at 14:00 UTC. The maintenance required is minor and we will announce via site notification and Twitter 5 minutes before resumption.

Frontend Update: Jan 30, 2017
1/30/2017, 8:47:33 PM

We have another round of updates for this week!

  • Feature (Mobile): Changing leverage on mobile now requires confirmation, so you can’t accidentally change it while scrolling:
  • Feature: All number inputs now support the following convenient shortcuts:
    • Ctrl+up/down: Move the input up/down by 10x the normal tick.
    • Shift+up/down: Move the input up/down by 100x the normal tick.
    • You can combine ctrl and shift to move by 1000x, you madman:
  • Feature (Mobile): We’ve rearranged the panels to make them easier to use. Most importantly, the order book is now just below the order input.
    • We’ll be focusing on mobile more in the future, since it seems this smartphone thing is really catching on.
  • Feature: When your chart gets stuck, or full of indicators, or you just want to punish it, the Reset Chart option when right-clicking the canvas actually works now! It didn’t before, because of reasons.
  • Internal: We completely rewrote the data handling code, which had remained mostly intact since 2014. We sometimes send very complex deltas from the websocket. The average such message now takes only 0.2ms to process, down from as much as 7ms!
    • Other data operations have been sped up from 50x to 1000x.
      • That’s a lot.
    • This will help keep BitMEX responsive even in Chrome 56, which will aggressively throttle applications. Improved idle CPU usage will help us keep your computer cooler and our notifications firing.
  • Internal: Various bugfixes and tweaks, especially in the Trade History.
  • Business Development: We might have added a few extra words to the chat filter.
API: New Rate Limits
1/23/2017, 8:01:29 PM

Good news for API users:

In order to further encourage the use of bulk orders and amends, we have made the following change:

  • Bulk orders (POST /api/v1/order/bulk) and amends (PUT /api/v1/order/bulk) are now ratelimited at 1/10 the normal rate. This was previously 1/2.
    • This is rounded up. Inserting up to 10 orders is ratelimited as if it were one request. 15 orders is 2 requests, and so on.

Additionally, we have adjusted our HTTP Keep-Alive timeouts from 30s to 90s, which should help those of you who are aiming for the best possible latency. As always, if latency is a concern, we recommend using AWS eu-west-1.

Frontend Update: Jan 19, 2017
1/19/2017, 6:50:09 PM

We have a big release today! The changes made:

  • We’ve spent a lot of time in the profiler to make the site faster. You should see much improved CPU time in this release.
    • We are aware that the chart can still take up significant resources. If you would like to disable it, click the [-] to minimize in the Basic Trade Layout, or resize it as small as it goes in the Advanced Trade Layout. In both cases it will fully unload.
    • We’re working on providing our customers with a more performant chart in the near future.
    • If the site is still slow, yell at Sam.
  • We have significantly improved the accuracy of estimated liquidation prices in the page. We have ported key trading engine calculations to the website line-by-line and now verify their accuracy on every change into the future.
  • We’ve rewritten the calculator entirely.
    • New modes: Target Price & Liquidation Price:
  • We added some helpful links to the footer. Gotta click ’em all.
  • For our users’ security, we’re proud to announce that we are the first exchange to fully utilize Subresource Integrity on all of our assets. This is a new web technology that allows your browser to verify that scripts and styles received from the CDN haven’t been tampered with.
  • For mobile users:
    • We’ve made extra speed improvements to help with the initial load time.
    • The inline amend input (for quantity, price, and stop price) is now easier to click; we’ve moved the cancel button to the other side so your fingers don’t have to aim so precisely for those tiny buttons.