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Recent Trading Announcements

New EOS Futures Contract
2018-6-7 05:41:28

Over the past month we have made some significant performance improvements to the BitMEX trading engine, increasing the overall capacity of the platform and reducing System Overload responses.  We will soon be publishing the second part in our series on BitMEX’s growth and how we are scaling which will detail the recent improvements we have made, and what we’re currently working on.  You can find part one here.

As a result of the increased capacity and due to popular demand, we will be listing the BitMEX EOS Token / Bitcoin 29 June 2018 futures contract, EOSM18, on or before 7 June 2018 07:00 UTC.

BitMEX Downtime, May 17 2018
2018-5-18 05:54:29

Please see the linked post for more information on exchange instability and downtime on May 17, 2018.

Altcoin Futures Contracts Changes
2018-3-29 05:22:05

On 30 March 2018, we are making the following changes to Altcoin products:

  • The 0.25% settlement fee will be removed on future products. We hope that will encourage greater liquidity by removing barriers to entry and exit.
  • We will be removing the DASH, ETC, NEO, XMR, XLM, and ZEC pairs after they expire, for the time being. This is to free up trading engine capacity on our more popular contracts. After certain optimisations are made, we may re-list them.
  • The ADA, BCH, ETH, LTC, and XRP contracts will be re-listed for another quarterly today:
    • BitMEX Cardano / Bitcoin 29 June 2018 futures contract (ADAM18)
    • BitMEX Bitcoin Cash / Bitcoin 29 June 2018 futures contract (BCHM18)
    • BitMEX Ether / Bitcoin 29 June 2018 futures contract (ETHM18)
    • BitMEX Litecoin / Bitcoin 29 June 2018 futures contract (LTCM18)
    • BitMEX Ripple / Bitcoin 29 June 2018 futures contract (XRPM18)