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Recent Trading Announcements

BitMEX Technology Scaling, Part 2
2019-5-23 13:42:59

Part 2 of our series on scaling the BitMEX platform is now live.

BitMEX Altcoin / Bitcoin Indices Update, May 2019
2019-5-18 15:20:17

Effective 22 May 2019 at 04:00 UTC, Kraken will be reintroduced into several of BitMEX’s Altcoin and Bitcoin Indices.

This update is a reflection of a change in our Kraken market data feed handler from using Kraken’s REST API to their new Websocket API.

For the affected indices and contracts, please see the following blog post.

Reduction of BCH and LTC Minimum Price Increments, May 2019
2019-5-17 13:35:49

The Minimum Price Increments for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC) Futures series will be reduced as per below on 31 May 2019, 04:15:00 UTC:

Series Contracts Prev. Minimum Price Increment (XBT)
New Minimum Price Increment (XBT)
(Bitcoin Cash)
BCHM19 0.0001
0.00001 (10x reduction)
LTCM19 0.00001
0.000005 (2x reduction)

Subsequent relistings will retain the reduced minimum price increment.

Logo Update
2019-5-15 02:31:34

On 15 May 2019, BitMEX is pleased to update its visual identity through a refreshed icon and logo. These elements are being replaced across all BitMEX properties. If you think you are seeing the old identity marks in error, try refreshing your browser to clear your cache. Please see our blog post for more detail.

XBTU19 and ETHM19 Auto-Deleveraging Events 2 April 2019
2019-4-2 16:55:20

On 2 April 2019 between 04:44:34 UTC and 05:22:08 UTC, less than 200 positions across XBTU19 and ETHM19 encountered erroneous auto-deleveraging. Users who were affected have been compensated at the best possible price. Please see our blog post for more detail.