Crypto is a relatively nascent industry, so it’s imperative to find an organisation that allows you to grow, find your footing, and be creative. At BitMEX, I have the flexibility to chart my own path, and a talented group of colleagues to help me achieve my goals.

Yuki N. - Business Development

  • Pioneer the future of financial technology
  • Fast-track your career and personal growth
  • Enjoy best-in-class perks and benefits
  • Expand your knowledge with our generous education allowance
  • Work with our global team on an international scale

BitMEX provides an ideal working environment for employees across all departments: we are innovative, flexible, fast-paced, and results driven.

Hunter S. – Communications

BitMEX offers me the opportunity to have a vision and goal and drive it through to execution and reality. The company rewards pushing the boundaries and ensuring success while maintaining a level of professionalism that meets and exceeds what I’ve experienced in more traditional industries.

Alan F. - DevOps

BitMEX is a great balance between startup culture and the infrastructure and benefits of a big firm. I love being part of the engineering team, playing my part in helping BitMEX perform better for our users every day.

Charlotte K. - Product Engineering