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Crypto Basket Indices, now on BitMEX

Gain exposure to multiple coins in just one contract with the ALTMEX and DEFIMEX Perpetual Swaps.

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Learn more about BitMEX's baskets, how they work, and how you can benefit from trading these new products in our blog post here:




Every quarter, BitMEX baskets are reviewed, updated, and rebalanced by BitMEX to ensure they remain relevant and up to date with market dynamics. By trading basket contracts, your exposure will be carefully adjusted.

10 Assets, 1 Index, Up to 25x Leverage


Each BitMEX basket index tracks 10 different cryptocurrencies under a specific theme. Trading the contracts listed on the basket indices enables users to diversify their trades without having to manually build, rebalance, and adjust a portfolio of individual coins.




Contracts listed on BitMEX basket indices are quanto, meaning they have a fixed bitcoin multiplier regardless of the basket price. This enables traders to post margin in XBT and earn or lose XBT as the basket price changes, without having to touch either the basket constituents or USD.

Perpetual Basket Contracts


24/7 contracts for a 24/7 market. BitMEX perpetual contracts never expire.

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