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/slash Commands

Slash commands allow you to share your orders, positions, and current, realised, and unrealised PNL with the trollbox.

For example, /orders xbtusd will share all open XBTUSD orders in the trollbox, while /orders shares all open orders of every instrument type.

An argument enclosed in angled brackets (like <symbol>) means it is a required argument, whereas an argument enclosed in standard brackets (like [symbol]) is optional.

Examples below demonstrate the available commands.

  • /orders [symbol] -- Shares open orders
  • /position <symbol> -- Shares position(s)
  • /pnl <symbol> -- Shares PNL
  • /rpnl <symbol> -- Shares realised PNL
  • /upnl <symbol> -- Shares unrealised PNL
  • /mute <username> -- By muting another user you will not see any messages by them. They will not be notified of this action.
  • /unmute <username> -- Start seeing messages from a muted user again.