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SEGWIT Series (SEGWIT) Guide

The SEGWIT contract is a prediction futures contract. The futures contract is Binary, meaning it will either settle at 0 or 100.

Binary Payout Guidelines

The SEGWIT contract is a prediction future on whether or not BIP141 (more info), also known as Segregated Witness, will be activated on the longest Bitcoin chain by the expiry date (Dec 31, 2017, 12:00 UTC).

SEGWIT will settle at 100:

  • If BIP141 is activated during an “activation period” by the expiry date, and
  • The Bitcoin chain that activated SegWit must remain the Bitcoin chain with the largest hash power for 1,512 out of the following 2,016 blocks (75%). These 1,512 blocks must have passed by the expiry date.

SEGWIT will settle at 0 if the above conditions are not met.

The above conditions may be amended with notice at any time.

What is an Activation Period?

An activation period spans one difficulty period (2016 blocks). 95% of the blocks mined during an activation period must signal acceptance of BIP141 for SegWit to be activated.

View Activation Periods (

Relationship with BLOCKS

BitMEX’s BLOCKS binary is independent from this contract. Both, or neither, may settle positively before the expiration date.

Quoting, Margin, and Settlement

Please see the Binary Series Guide for more details.