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Margin Term Reference
Term Definition
Wallet Balance This is the value of your account without positions. This is Deposits - Withdrawals + Realised PNL.
Unrealised PNL This is your current profit and loss that has not been realised. Profit and loss is realised once you have exited a position.
Initial Margin The amount of margin a trader must post when he creates a new buy or sell order. It is a percentage of the notional value of the open order value with a deduction for orders that reduce position size, plus the commission for the open orders.
Maintenance Margin The minimum amount of margin a trader must have available before liquidation occurs. The amount will be set at a percentage of the value of the positions.
Margin Balance Wallet Balance + Unrealised PNL
Available Balance Margin Balance - Maintenance Margin - Initial Margin - Withheld Profit. If Available Balance drops below 0, you are unable to open new or increase existing positions.
Unrealised Profit Profit on open positions that cannot be withdrawn until realised.
Withdrawable Balance Traders may withdraw all Available Margin, minus profit that has not yet been realised.