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Isolated and Cross Margin Examples

Cross Margin vs Isolated Margin Examples

Consider a trader has a position worth 100 XBT at a price of 100 USD. The trader sets their margin method to Isolated Margin and posts 4 XBT worth of initial margin, and their liquidation price is set to 97 USD. Their Margin Balance is now 96 XBT.

Soon after, the price falls 6 USD to 94 USD. On the way down the liquidation engine assumed control of their position at their liquidation price of 97 USD.

The trader has only lost the 4 XBT that they assigned via Isolated Margin but has had their position liquidated. Additional funds were not used to avoid liquidation because Isolated Margin was set. If the trader had used Cross Margin, they would have had a larger unrealised loss (6 XBT), but they would have kept the position from being liquidated.

How to Adjust Leverage and Add Margin to a Position

You can use the Leverage Slider as per below to adjust Leverage to a desired level. Adjusting this leverage will affect your Liquidation Price. If you slide it to the far left then you will move out of Isolated Margin and back into Cross Margin.

Leverage Slider

You can also add additional margin to your position via the following method when you have selected Isolated Margin on a position. Note: If you have selected Cross Margin then you are unable to do this.

First click the xbt-increment-icon / usdt-increment-icon icon next to the margin line-item on an isolated position in the Positions List:

Adjust Margin Icon

Then choose an amount to add to the position:

Adjusting Margin

After confirmation, note the new margin value, liquidation price, and leverage.

New Liquidation Price

This feature allows you to choose any margin commitment between the minimum (which may be as much as 100x) and your total account balance.