XBTXBCXBJZECETHETCXMRXRPREPLTCFCTRecentAllXBTUSD916.91-0.08%XBCH176360.1-0.71%XBTH17922.59-0.11%ETC7D0.001530+0.33%XMR7D0.013216-0.16%ETH7D0.01174-1.01%FCT7D0.003401+7.08%XRP7D0.00000749-0.13%LTC7D0.00421+0.48%ZECH170.047758+1.20%XBJ24H105472+0.00%REP7D0.005109+0.00%XBT/USD Spot917.11+0.24%XBT/CNY Spot6331.28-0.53%XBT/JPY Spot105960.00+0.45%ETH/XBT Spot0.01171-1.01%ZEC/XBT Spot0.0473800+0.59%24H XBT Volatility3.37+13.47%Funding:  @ -0.1139%Time:
.ZECXBT: Zcash XBT Spot

.ZECXBT Index Details

The BitMEX .ZECXBT Index tracks the Zcash price every minute. The Zcash price is calculated from the last price at Poloniex. The .ZECXBT index price is shown on many pages as the current Zcash price.

Indices Using This Index

.ZECXBT Index Historical Values

These are 1-minute snaps of BTC_ZEC from Poloniex.

The last 100 measurements are available below. More results can be retrieved from the API.