AllXBTUSD6119.5-2.23%XBTU186046.5-2.54%XBTZ186057.5-2.62%XBT7D_D950.00439+15.22%XBT7D_U1050.00121-33.52%ADAU180.00001438-10.46%BCHU180.0809-4.37%EOSU180.0007048+0.38%ETHUSD267.20-5.82%ETHU180.04365-3.94%LTCU180.00861-4.65%TRXU180.00000293-3.30%XRPU180.00004291-2.63%.BXBT6121.50-2.31%.ETHXBT0.04345-3.96%.BVOL24H4.47+42.81%Funding: 04:47:18 @ -0.0344%Time: 11:12:41 PM

.LTCXBT30M Index Details

The BitMEX .LTCXBT30M Index is a 30-minute TWAP of the Litecoin price at Poloniex ending at 12:00 UTC from the .LTCXBT Index. These values are used for settlements. The TWAP is calculated using values from the BitMEX .LTCXBT index.

Instruments Using This Index

.LTCXBT30M Index Historical Values

Index Values

This is the 30-minute time-weighted average price of BTC_LTC on Poloniex, printed every 1 day.

The last 100 measurements are available here. More results can be retrieved from the API.