AllXBTUSD9070.0+2.39%XBTH209257.0+2.28%XBTM209382.5+2.32%XBT7D_D950.00172-37.45%XBT7D_U1050.00330+35.80%ADAH200.00000504+0.00%BCHH200.03896-4.49%EOSH200.0004253-0.61%ETHUSD176.40+4.81%ETHH200.01944+1.83%LTCH200.006740+0.60%TRXH200.00000201+0.50%XRPH200.00002750+3.07%.BXBT9068.67+2.44%.BETH176.49+5.02%.BVOL24H2.14-11.57%Funding: 04:04:47 @ 0.0120%Time: 7:55:12 AM

.ETHUSDPI8H Index Details

The BitMEX .ETHUSDPI8H Index is a 8-hour TWAP of the .ETHUSDPI Premium Rate at BitMEX from the .ETHUSDPI Index. These values are used for funding rates and are provided 8 hours in advance.

.ETHUSDPI8H Index Historical Values

Index Values

This is the 8-hour time-weighted average price of ETHUSD on BitMEX, printed every 8 hours.

The last 100 measurements are available here. More results can be retrieved from the API.