AllXBTUSD7658.0-6.12%XBTH187597.5-6.43%XBTM187573.0-6.55%ADAH180.00001798-16.06%BCHH180.1195-0.58%DASHH180.047810-6.23%ETHH180.06715-8.27%ETC7D0.002027-5.94%LTCH180.01920-3.03%NEOH180.007289-10.93%XMRH180.024517-5.41%XRPH180.00007767-6.73%XLMH180.00002403-12.65%ZECH180.027000-3.57%.BXBT7676.35-6.00%.ETHXBT0.06772-7.36%.BVOL24H5.63+12.15%Funding: 06:04:51 @ -0.0332%Time: 5:55:08 AM

.ETHBON2H Index Details

The BitMEX .ETHBON2H Index is a 2-hour TWAP of the .ETHBON Premium Rate at BitMEX Index ending at 12:00 UTC from the .ETHBON Index. These values are used for funding rates and are provided 2 hours in advance.

.ETHBON2H Index Historical Values

Index Values

These are 2-hour snaps of .ETHBON from BitMEX.

The last 100 measurements are available here. More results can be retrieved from the API.