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AllXBTUSD57420.0-0.52%XBTM2159500.0-0.34%XBTU2162441.0-0.63%ADAUSDT1.73657+4.98%ADAM210.00002933+6.46%BCHUSD1438.30+2.11%BCHM210.02519+2.57%DOGEUSDT0.60915+1.94%DOTUSDT41.6875+2.05%EOSUSDT11.4960+17.47%EOSM210.0001932+16.53%ETHUSD3516.85+0.49%ETHM210.06172+1.01%ETHUSDM214265.40-0.41%LINKUSDT47.9490-0.34%LINKUSDTM2161.3000-2.02%LTCUSD361.66+3.28%LTCM210.006355+4.27%UNIUSDT41.047-1.42%TRXUSDT0.16019+9.57%TRXM210.00000266+11.30%XRPUSD1.6477-1.28%XRPM210.00002786+0.54%XLMUSDT0.68603+10.28%.BXBT57407.56-0.43%.BETH3512.56+0.58%.BVOL24H4.00+4.17%Funding: 06:53:52 @ 0.0100%Time: 1:06:07 PM UTC
.ETHBON2H: 2-hours Ethereum Lending Rate TWAP

.ETHBON2H Index Details

The BitMEX .ETHBON2H Index is a 2-hour TWAP of the .ETHBON Premium Rate at BitMEX Index from the .ETHBON Index. These values are used for funding rates and are provided 2 hours in advance.

.ETHBON2H Index Historical Values

Index Values

This is the 2-hour time-weighted average price of .ETHBON on BitMEX Index, printed every 2 hours.

The last 100 measurements are available here. More results can be retrieved from the API.