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Sierra Chart (Charting & Trading)

Integrating BitMEX with Sierra Chart for Charting and Trading

As of February 20, 2018, Sierra Chart has built a direct connection from your local client to BitMEX!

To use the new adapter:

  • Install the latest version of Sierra Chart (Build 1781 or above)
  • Create an API Key with the order permission.
  • Choose the BitMEX Trading Direct datasource.
  • Fill in the settings:

Data/Trade Service Settings - Sierra Chart

  • If you have created a key for the legacy adapter, please remove it by deleting your Sierra Chart API Key, if any.

If you have issues, please notify Sierra Chart directly. Our development teams are working closely together, and if the problem is on BitMEX’s end, they will contact us.

Example Screenshots

Data/Trade Service Preview - Sierra Chart

Data/Trade Service Preview - Sierra Chart