XBTXBJETHETCXMRXRPREPLTCLSKFCTZECRecentAllBFXV160.6144+4.12%XRP7D0.00001137-8.08%XMR7D0.008370-9.63%REP7D0.006748-10.03%ZECZ163.339000+326.02%XBTUSD685.70+0.75%XBTZ16720.19+0.80%XBJ24H73227+0.94%XBJ7D73291+1.08%XBJZ1675819+0.47%ETHXBT0.01615-4.49%ETC7D0.001401-3.71%LTCXBT0.00568-3.24%LSKXBT0.000264-3.65%FCTXBT0.003116-19.50%XBT/USD Spot684.92+0.72%XBT/JPY Spot73045.00+0.74%ETH/XBT Spot0.01607-4.40%ZEC/XBT Spot18.1001000-94.68%24H XBT Volatility1.42-1.39%Funding:  @ 0.0825%Time:
Contract Specification: BFXV16
BFXV16 is in the BFX (Bitfinex Token) series.
The expiry month code is V (October).
BFXV16 expires in 2016.


BFXV16 is a XBT/USD futures contract settling on the .BFX30M Index. Each contract is worth 0.1 XBT per $1 price, currently 0.06143999999999999 XBT. This contract is ideal for speculation.

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2016 Oct 28, 12:00 (12:00 UTC)  -


Full Contract Details

Ticker RootBFXV16: October 2016 (See Month Codes Reference)
Expiry Date2016-10-28 12:00:00
Initial Margin40.00% + Entry Commission + Exit Commission
Maint. Margin20.00% + Exit Commission
Mark Price0.6144
Auto-Deleveraging EnabledYes: This contract is highly speculative and manages loss through auto-deleveraging.
Mark MethodIndicativeSettlePrice
Fair Basis0
Fair Basis Rate0%
Fair Basis CalculationFair Basis is manually adjusted at invervals to match the market.
Limit Down-.--
Limit Up-.--
Risk Limit50 XBT
Risk Step50 XBT
Open Interest0
Session Volume0
24H Turnover31.7538 XBT
Total Volume1,927
TypeSettled in XBT, quoted in USD
Contract Size0.10000 XBT per 1 USD (Currently 0.0614 XBT per contract)
SettlementThis contract settles on the .BFX30M index value as of the Oct 28 12:00 (12:00 UTC).
CommissionSee the Fees Reference for more details.
Minimum Price Increment0.0001 USD